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Session runs 6 weeks from July 2 through August 8, 2020

Here's how you can become a Ruckus Intern!

Ruckus Entrepreneurs is a program of Concordia Place that focuses on preparing tomorrow's leaders. Since 2010, the program has employed and trained hundreds of Chicago area teens. Ruckus integrates a social mission of developing environmentally-conscious teen leaders, who are agents of positive change in their community, with a socially-conscious business venture. Our teen-run enterprise provides innovative entrepreneurial training and internship opportunities, through the development and distribution of teen-made body care products, such as soaps, shea balms, deodorants and lip balms. With support from grants and private gifts, we provide over 75 paid teen internships throughout the year.

An entrepreneurial mindset is an advantage for teens in our fast-changing world. One 16-year-old intern said, “This is a spectacular teen leadership development program because teens are trained to think for themselves and our opinions really do matter!”  

Our program educates today’s teens on the fundamentals of running a socially responsible business. Teens increase their skills, confidence and aspirations to effect social change when engage in experiential activities that teach financial literacy and 21st century skills of collaboration, adaptability, innovation, humility and networking.

Marianna, who has been an intern since 2013, puts it this way, "Before we make a Ruckus body care product, we divide into groups and research which ingredients would be most beneficial towards a particular product’s purpose. Once this is agreed upon, that’s when we get down to business.  All of production takes place onsite and we consistently use natural ingredients and try to use 100% organic ingredients, whenever possible, in order to make our diverse set of soaps, lips, shea balms and many more. To contribute to this environmentally conscious mindset, we maintain a garden that we grow herbs in used in all of our products."     


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One major component of the program is our social mission: BOGO. You buy one, we give one! With every product purchase, the same product is donated to an organization that helps people in need. We believe that everyone should have access to healthy, natural products regardless of their financial status which is why we are proud of our BOGO mission. All profits and donations go back into growing Ruckus, so we can keep doing what we love.

Thanks for supporting our mission & business!


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Vision, passion, creativity, motivation


Problem solving, risk-taking, resilience, learning by doing


Social awareness, verbal communication, making connections


Taking ownership, having a ‘can-do’ attitude, planning for success, building confidence


Positive attitudes, sense of community & belonging 

For information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call 773.463.1600 ext.330.